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Ah! Freedom is a noble thing!

No words are truer now than they were in 1376 when John Barbour wrote them.


Here I was rummaging in my Granny’s library for something else and came across this mighty poem. It resonated with me, brought Scottish friends to mind, and a character for my next book came to life.

Ah! Freedom is a noble thing!

Freedom makes man to have liking!

Freedom all solace to man gives:

He lives at ease that freely lives!

Dear heavens! The words conjure up in me fighting for my wee bit hill and glen. In some way, I feel that is what I’ve been doing this past year with the scourge of the beastie upon us. But this fight is different from Barbours’ lifting spirits with the battles of The Bruce, as the King of Scotland lashed his enemy with his eight pound (3.6kg) bog-oak handled, sword.

Thankfully, I don’t have to lift that monster of a weapon, as today the fight is behind closed doors.

Behind closed doors

When I am stuck behind a door, I always delve into a story, be it in a book, on a screen or in my ears. In the twelfth century, I’d have had an ale in hand, and listened transfixed as a bard stood amongst us and recounted Barbour’s poetic historical romance of Bannockburn in his melodic brogue.

If a story can give some hope that things will turn out alright and a bit of a giggle along the way, I’m cheered to fight another day.


Thank heavens for good stories. I love historical romances of all eras because they change my mind about something in my own life and allow me to feel freedom in my mind at the very least.

Next time you need freedom, dive into a historical romance.

Give your mind Freedom

A friend and writer Jen Yates published two books online yesterday - historical romance which above all else give hope of a happier future.

Here’s where to find  her books

And for Free A tangle of tinsel and tartan.


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