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500 words a day - inspired by the snowflake guy

What do you say to a 500-word writing challenge each day for the rest of your life?

I am a writer but haven’t published my first novel yet. It is on its way. Still in the womb.

In the past twelve years I have written creative pieces, travel stories, and my journal, but have I published? The answer was a big fat NO! Until last year, when my dear friends Jen Yates and Leigh D'Ansey encouraged me to write a short story for an anthology. 

A Tangle of Tinsel & Tartan

It's Free on amazon or follow the link on my website if you want a copy.

But I needed a new discipline, a way of being to become the writer I want to be and in the depths of The creative Penn's back list I found the snowflake guy.

Have you heard of the Snowflake guy?

Last week I heard on a podcast with Randy Ingrermanson “the snowflake guy” ( talking with Joanna Penn.

The gem that landed on my nose was an invitation by Randy to join the 500 club. There is no place to sign up, no place to log your words, simply this:

Write 500 words a day for the rest of your life.

Write 500 words a day for the rest of your life? Really!

If I say this quickly I think, sure I can do that…no one will know if I don’t…only me! So I’ve thought about this, could I commit to this habit, 500 words. How long could that take? Half an hour, or an hour a day doing something that over the last years has become a necessity, something that makes me feel better about the world, and that has to be a good thing on any level.

What’s stopping me?

But, and here’s the rub, I’m scared I won’t make it. Doing something for the rest of my life, is so huge (as I intend to live to a ripe old age). It feels like a mountain in the mist that I have no way of knowing where it is, or weather I will make it out alive.

I pondered. Fear never got me anywhere. Fear of failure before I have even got started is bound to stop me in my tracks.

I’m going to have to go around the back door to get this one off the ground. So while my worried fearful self is not listening, how about  a devilish plan?

Will you come with me?

Lets face it going off into the wilderness is so much easier with friends. So what do you think? Do you fancy writing 500 words a day? Let’s start today, and see how it goes for a week say.  I raise my cuppa to you my fellow writers as we set out on this journey. Who knows what we might discover as we step into the mist.

What are the rules?

There are no rules. Just write 500 words every day this week. It might be rubbish, but no-one except you will know, and I have hope that discoveries might be made. You never know what will turn up in the mist.

My wee self is shaking in her shoes, but if I know you are with me, it will be alright, and heck, it is only a week. This week, in the midst of the holidays with teenagers all around, I’m declaring to you dear discoverers that I will write 500 words a day this week and who knows maybe the next.

In the words of the Proclaimers (with a bit of a jigging about by myself)

But I would write 500 words.

And I would write 500 more.

Just to be the woman who writes a thousand words.

To make a story at your door.

 Check out the snowflake guy for some more inspiration.

Happy writing.


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