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The Three Quills are born

"The Three Quills are Born?"



“It can’t be true.”

“But it is.”

“Who are they?”

Jen Yates, Leigh D’Ansey and Caroline Bagshaw have pulled on their muslins, donned their jewels, and whipped out their feathered nibs.

Together they are The Three Quills, not to be confused with the three musketeers. As far as I know Jen Yates does not own a pair of gold buckled shoes, and Leigh D’Ansey has not been seen wielding her sword for sometime. And you will be pleased to know I have given up tossing the blunderbuss in my belt.

Although I must say, both the Musketeers and Quills all rather fancy a swishing feather be it in their hats or in their fingers. The similarity between the two runs a little deeper still, as both The Three Quills and The Three musketeers have an equal determination to draw together bringing their different talents to bear.

What will The Three Quill do?

Bring you, wicked, wise and whimsical stories to delight those fond of some Regency frivolity.

They are ready to take the world one flick of a feather at a time.

Their characters take you by the hand into the spheres of their larger stories, perhaps interacting with previously loved characters, or immersing themselves in a world you may want to explore in their novels.

The Three Quills plan for 2021

Each month we will write an article on the latest happenings in The Three Quills world.

From behind the scenes, to photo shoots, and launch partys.

There will be two anthologies out this year,

  • A Tangle of Titles and Tiaras.
  • A Tangle of Todays and Tomorrows.

A Tangle of Titles and Tiaras, will be launched in early June and a Tangle of Todays and Tomorrows will be launched in late October 2021.

Who knows what excitements will unfold.

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Jen Yates, Leigh D'Ansey and Caroline Bagshaw.

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