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The Three Quills are up to no good!

Rather they are always Good! But they do like some fun. 

Fun is their middle name, if truth be told.

Second anthology in Tangled series 

Jen Yates, Leigh D’Ansey and Caroline Bagshaw have been creating words to tantalize and titivate in the second volume of three short stories in the Tangled series. 
Set in a Regency garden with a maze somewhere in it’s midst, there are two people who simply must find each other. 

The Three Quills are bound by their vow to bring you Happy Ever After or at the very least Happy for Now.
Who knows you might fall in love with someone you’ve only just met on the page!

Who wants to see the new cover?

Dar Albert, Wicked Smart Designs, has worked her magic again for The Three Quills second book in the tangled series - 

A Tangle of Tiaras and Titles. 

What do you think? Please let us know. We always like to have your opinion. It helps us do what we do, and makes it even better.

When will you be able to get your copy?
“Whoa, yer horses, that Phaeton is taking the corner abominably fast!  
It’s coming , it’s coming, in June 2021.” 

For those dead keen to read a copy, there is going to be pre-order in May and maybe if those who are in charge allow, some free copies for the truly devoted among you (those who wish to receive our newsletters) may be fortunate enough to receive an email with a gift.

Be prepared for fun to come

Watch out for the next exciting installment, and remember the chant of our alter-egos 

“All for one and one for all,” The three musketeers. 

The Three Quills are wont to say “All for a book and a book for all.”

If you feel the urge let us know what you think of our new cover.


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